Designing Digital Strategies for Owned, Earned and Paid Media.

Analytics, digital strategy, content creation, SEO, PPC, social media, e-commerce consulting, and more.

|Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital world has exploded. Did you know that in 2014, there were already over 3 billion people online? That was 3 years ago, and today nearly half the world is online. That's why your business needs a digital marketing strategy. 
Putting together a digital marketing strategy usually goes hand-in-hand with an online audit of your company. That means we use hard data from your website and other platforms to plan for optimising your online business. If you don't have any presence online, this means doing a heck lot of competitor research and basing your strategy on their data and your goals. 
A digital marketing strategy might include items like: SEO and analytical audits, SEO and keyword research, blogging calendars, earned media planning and buying, social media mood-book and strategy, paid media research and strategies, and more. 

|Data Analytics Reporting 

Data should be what drives any of your marketing or business decisions. Of course, there's always the consideration of your gut-feelings and industry experience, but data should be the foundation of your decisions.

By using tools like Google Analytics, WebMaster, Moz, and more, we analyse your website's, social media platforms' and industry's data to help you make informed decisions. Mining this data will take form in reports that show user and customer acquisition, behaviour, flow, management, retention, and more. 

|Content Creation & Marketing Implementation 

Content has always been, and will always be, king of the digital space. It's your content that entices both people and search engines, allows you to convince your web visitors of your offering, and convert customers. Whereas the digital marketing strategy outlines what needs to be done to have an effective digital presence, here we set out to implement this strategy for you (in all of its elements). 

Content creation could take form in blogging, copywriting, PPC management, long-form journal articles, social media management, photography, graphic design, logo and CI creation, videos, and more.
|Online Shopping & e-Commerce